Care and Comfort

Dog wash and grooming services

Our team offers the utmost care and comfort

At Heathers Dog Grooming, dog grooming takes place in a new, professional salon with air-conditioning and quality grooming products and specialist equipment. All of which assists in the comfort of your pet. Rest assured, with Heather’s many years of experience, your dog will be handled and groomed with care and attention in a stress-free environment and to the highest standard.

Low stress for your dog

It’s good to know you’ll have the same groomer each time from visit to visit. If your dog is nervous or you have specific requests, you’ll find that coming back to the same groomer works best because it fosters a relationship between the client, groomer and the dog. Your dog will receive dedicated, one-on-one attention from Heather. For their comfort, the salon is outfitted with climate controlled air-conditioning. We provide friendly and practical advice to help you maintain your dog’s coat between visits to the groomer.

Attention to detail

Prior to, during and at the end of the grooming session, we assess your dog’s condition and if we notice any irregularities, we’ll inform you. The dog’s undercoat hair is essential to its comfort. We attend to that. The grooming products and equipment we use are the best available. We’ll make sure your puppy leaves looking cute, smelling great and feeling happy.

Heathers Dog Grooming
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Over the years, we have built an excellent reputation for providing high-quality dog washing and grooming services for clients at very affordable prices. Get in touch with us today or visit our dog salon in Bangor.